When women thrive, Societies thrive..

Despite the efforts and gender equality policies, that have been implemented in Africa and Middle East, the number of women participating in the economy in these countries is still low compared to the number of female graduates. This is due to conservative and traditional mindsets, perception of women’s roles that limit their mobility and the lack of access to opportunities, support and information, especially in remote and rural areas. As a result, women do not realize their full potential and remain largely invisible as active contributors to economy and stable society. Private sector companies both blue and white-collar business lack of gender equality and women friendly policies. To address those barriers and challenges, Women Empowerment Projects initiative ©WEPSi  mission is to raise the awareness on current inequalities and perception of women’s role in the economic sphere. The awareness raising campaigns aims to influence attitude and establish a role models for women in the economy and society. The media campaign uses arts and media content to initiate the public discussions. ©WEPSi brings civil society and public organizations to jointly work together to bring concrete actions and coordinated activities to track and improve the economic participation n of women. In order to impove economic growth, private sector organizations, business leaders and gouverments need to implement policies in the sense of gender equality as smart economic policies and business case to offer better working conditions, facilities and career opportunities in managerial positions through gender diversity approach.