Challenging gender norms

Women work is invisible and underestimated from a talent that is being undermined to a salary that does not recognize their work and the outcomes and the chances to access to training, workshops or capacity development programs. Socio-cultural norms and structural barriers hinder women from joining the workforce or to aspiring professional careers. They are not only invisible, but unware of their invisibility and that this is hurting their careers, their professional lives, and in the long term, their personal ones. Women are often unware of their socio-economic rights and opportunities. The low participation of women in the labor market is a key factor affecting the national economy. Women reached a level of education that exceed man. Nevertheless, women are excluded from leadership and decision making process. They are grouped in the low paying female dominated positions and often spend more time in the household chores and childcare than man. Researches show that effective women economic participation contributes to economic growth and peacebuilding.